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Welcome to TuffnStuff.com where I showcase some of my work. I create websites, videos for in-house advertising and even write complaint letters for folks who are mad as hell but can’t express themselves.

I’m also a mobile Florida Notary Public who comes to your home or place of business when you need a notary. Florida notary publics can perform marriages and I am happy to officiate at gay and straight weddings, any day, any time in SW Florida.

More to come on this page soon. But since you’re here, look at the other tabs before you leave.


tom hartnett

Tom Hartnett

Jade Helm

If you’re going to be in Texas and are worried about the upcoming government takeover and martial law (Jade Helm), print yourself a copy of this safe conduct pass. It makes as much sense as all the other crap that is being passed about as fact in our own land of Oz. Who knows, it may even work during Operation Jade Helm. Click here for printable copy.